Cameron Highlands Resort - Cameron Highlands Part III

And yes....we have come to the the hotel I like the most at Cameron Highlands...
 I simply like the hotel, I went there for work actually, so was basically all alone....

The hotel was the Merlin during those days, situated in front of the only Golf Course at Cameron Highlands, even though just by the main road, but the serenity of the place , is just so overwhelming. 

I also like the fact that it is white colour furnishing in the bedroom with the four-poster bed.... It was so relaxing for me. 

Come see some photos I have taken :

Walk into the room with this....can you feel it ? 

So comfy bed & pillows !!

Let's relax at the seating area

Bathroom is quite small but adequate

Another view of the room
So inviting !!!

Welcome fruits, consisted of the fresh local fruits 
Add caption
Turn Down Service with a stalk of rose on the bed 
Strawberries with choc dipping for nightcap 
Koi Ponds surrounding the hotel
That's the Japanese Restaurant

View from my Balcony early morning...with the misty mountain
Had my morning coffee the balcony. So nice ! 

The next few photos, I took from the Internet, but I vouched that they are like what it was at the hotel..... It was hard to take photos at the common areas, without bothering other guests.

We had pre-dinner drinks here....was all classic 

The Library , where I had to sit to get the Wifi ( no free wifi in the rooms ) 
And the view of the 02 stories resort.....

And now, I gladly, give my 02 cents thoughts or review on this hotel.
  1. First of all, I love this hotel..not just like, but love too.
  2. Service was exceptionally fantastic !!! Amazing. I guess, having only 50 odd rooms would give you more attentions. 
  3. Did I mention about Service ? Yes....good service
  4. Romantic and nice for honeymooners. 
  5. They also have spa village there, the same one like the YTL hotels 
  6. Not so friendly for kids, limited suites like 02 or 3 .
  7. Do have a small kids room with videos etc
  8. Nice F&B.
  9. Super duper expensive... minimum RM500 a night. 
  10. For Singles, you would just love the quietness for a good rest and read ???

Wow...I have given so much review on this hotel alone....but seriously, it is a very nice property, nice hotel, nice room, if you feel like having a restful weekend or few nights at the cooling Cameron Highlands, then, this is the hotel.

So there, I like...and I love this hotel, for you, you may just like it....or somehow, I find it hard for you to dislike........


Equatorial Cameron Highlands - Cameron Highlands Part III

Just before the Ramadhan, we decided to pop up Cameron Highlands for some vege shopping and this time around, we stayed at the EQ, which is at the peak of the highlands !!!! 

If you are coming from the highway, this would be the 1st hotel you would encounter...... and the only hotel with an indoor pool !! ( which we didn't go, of course ) .....let's see the pictures first :-

Everyone seems to be taking pictures at this spot :) 

Phone number for reservations and the rates

1628m above sea level, the highest peak at Cameron Highlands
Lead In Room

They refurbished the room but not the bathroom 

Add caption

Nice new beds

A king size & an extra bed for us :) 

View from our 13th Floor

Those low rise at their apartment blocks

All EQ Hotels have talcum powder as part of their toiletries 

See the blue thingy ? Its called Gayung in BM, meant as a bidet :p 

And that's the indoor pool....can u see it ?

A more closed up...

One would thought being in Cameron, they would have nicer flowers ? 

Common area at the Lobby for the fun activities 

Oh place...

Some arcade games

Things to keep your kids or adults entertained ? 

Huge lobby

Each game at RM4 !!! No joke...

Fusball ?

Look at this bear....what watch is he holding ? 

A Rolex ??? :D 

Now its time for my thoughts we go :

  1. Definitely a hotel for all....for honeymooners, for singles ( huh ? ) , for families and also for business conventions. 
  2. They have big function rooms for any conventions and lots of accommodation rooms
  3. Also they have the hotel block and also the apartments blocks consist of 01 and 02 bedroom apartments. Some are run by the owners, so you may be able to book the apartments directly too. 
  4. The hotel block rooms are tired, so when you want to book, make sure you ask for the newly refurbished rooms, which they have on few floors. 
  5. The apartments apparently are very tired, because they are being used by the domestic market. So wear and tear are very high. 
  6. Just outside the hotel, there is a Strawberry farm, so u can just walk out instead of driving out
  7. Also just outside the hotel, on the left , just a 3 minutes walk to the vegetables and fruits market. 
  8. However, to go to other places, you would need to drive !!!!

For me, I like the hotel too...for the simple reason that I can just walk to everywhere. But....if I want peace and serene, I will go to another hotel...that's the next hotel I will post about for Cameron Highlands. 

So then, as I said, I like the may like it too....but then again, you may not..... 


Strawberry Park Hotel ~ Cameron Highlands Part II

Hi All,

As mentioned in previous posting, I will post up the hotels I have stayed recently at Cameron Highlands. Please mind any dates or times on the pictures as I didn't know how to set the camera :p 

So, we will start with Strawberry Park Resort.... this place is in between the towns, Tanah Rata ( where Starbucks is, also banks etc ) and Brinchang ( where the Pasar Malam / Night market is ) . First of all, you have to drive into the resort, meaning, its not by the road side, where you can just stroll out and walk down or up Cameron. Meaning, just walk around the resorts if you want...... 

They are apartments concept and the time I went there, was with my office mates, so we opted for 02 + 02 bedroom apartment called Shasta. Other apartments have been refurbished , the lead in categories, unfortunately, not for this category. So please bear with me on the decorations :p

Shasta has 04 rooms, Master bedroom comes with 1 King size bed and also en suite bathroom....the 2nd room comes with a queen size bed. 3rd room, a single bed and what happened then was that, they have since changed or converted the kitchenette into a single bedding room too !! Other 3 rooms have a common bathroom. So there you go, 04 rooms in the apartment but with a total of 06 occupants. 

Look at the pictures as below......again, I need to mention, they didn't renovate this category yet, others they have :- 

The apartment blocks


Living hall...

2nd bedroom with Queen Size Bed
3rd & 4th Bedroom comes with Single Bed

Master Bedroom en-suite bathroom

We were there just for a night, wanted to try out the hotel...we had dinner there, a nice steamboat, and the breakfast was not bad....we opted to sit on the terrace , with the cool morning breeze.

Well, here comes my not so famous 02 cents worth of thoughts :- 
  1. First of all, it is a common knowledge that the resort is "dirty" . So be prepared. 
  2. It is very much a family concept resort, as they offer from a Studio Unit till 04 rooms unit...meaning if you have 5 kids, you can still put everyone in one unit !
  3. Honeymooners would like it here. You can be on your own, and just walk around....*sigh*
  4. Nice concept, low rise, walkabouts
  5. Can be pretty cheap during weekdays or non-peak season 
  6. The unit we stayed was pretty old, so a major reno is needed. 
  7. Still need a car to go either town, or to go anywhere ( like buy strawberries, vege etc ) 

Now basically that's all I should or rather just say. Please do not be scared with my thought #1. It is a common knowledge , but just pray as you go in the room, you should be fine. It is up to you , I quite like the resort, acceptable for me, but then again, you may like may don't :) 


Cameron Highlands - Part I

The Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s most extensive hill stations. It covers an area of 712 square kilometres. To the north, its boundary touches that of Kelantan; to the west, it shares part of its border with Perak ~ Wikipedia

Cameron Highlands is the smallest district in the state of Pahang which is located in the north-western corner of the state. One of the wonders of Malaysia, it is the largest and most famous hill resort in the country. This highland paradise still retains much of the charm of an English village. Being a primarily agricultural domain, you will find an abundance of vegetables and fruits farms here. Cameron Highlands is also the leading producer of flowers and tea in Malaysia. Be prepared for a lovely sight of extraordinary flowers you won’t see flourishing elsewhere in Malaysia! Located on the Titiwangsa Range at about 1500 metres above sea-level, the temperature here can drop to 16 ˚C or lower at certain times. ~ 

Cameron Highlands is a place where you should go , should you just want to be away, at the most 3 nights, 02 nights would be sufficient, just for you to rest, with fresh air, eating fresh veges and fruits, have English Tea of Boh or Cameron Tea and freshly baked scones, then buy some veges and flowers to bring back home ~ ME :D :D D the last one was my description of Cameron Highlands. Those days, I didn't really like going to Cameron Highlands, even though my parents used to bring us there almost every other short school hols as my dad and uncles can play Golf while us, the cousins , I don't even remember what did we do, because now, its like...huh ? were we really interested in the strawberries ? flowers ?

Anyway, a couple of years back, the Govt has decided to pump up some money and built a very good highway. Very wide and not the winding road like the old trunk road.....but honestly, if you are coming for the 1st time to Camerons, I would suggest for you to take the trunk road first, so that you can see the forest, the waterfalls, the aborigines ( orang asli ) along the roads, selling their handicrafts, then come down via the highway on your way back.....then you can see, the before and after modernisation ? :p 

Things to do at Cameron Highlands, from my eyes :
  1. Go to Boh Tea Plantation, nice place to take pictures, then have some tea there .......
  2. If you really want to feel the English style cottage, then go to Bala's cottage for their Scones and tea ( I feel that its pricey ..... )
  3. Go to the Saturday night market....they practically sell the same thing as other stalls at the night market....but for the thrill of it ;p ( they only have it once a week, so for the locals, it is a must go ) 
  4. If you feel its worth it, then go for the Steamboats that put mostly only veges at the buffet line.....
  5. Play Golf !!!!  Nice weather to hit the balls.....

Anyway, here are some photos taken at Cameron Highlands by yours truly....but in the next few postings, I would put up the hotels I have stayed at Cameron was on a single trip and another one was with my family.

Enjoy the pictures.......

Welcome to Cameron Highlands ( from the trunk road up ) 

This cafe is still there , went there in 2009, & recently still there 

RM3.00 Strawberry Juice

Foggy peak

Nice flowers....

More Flowers

These potted plants are for sale

Visit the cactus farm

Long looking one !!!

Beautiful colours...right ?

Hibiscus or Bunga Raya, Malaysia National Flower

Strawberries Farm

Just visit or go for hand picking strawberries

Don't forget to try this out

And this too !! Strawberries Fondue 

Tea Plantations everywhere 

So, I will load up about the hotels I have stayed before in next postings...... and one of it is my top on the notch favourite....

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