Cameron Highlands Resort - Cameron Highlands Part III

And yes....we have come to the the hotel I like the most at Cameron Highlands...
 I simply like the hotel, I went there for work actually, so was basically all alone....

The hotel was the Merlin during those days, situated in front of the only Golf Course at Cameron Highlands, even though just by the main road, but the serenity of the place , is just so overwhelming. 

I also like the fact that it is white colour furnishing in the bedroom with the four-poster bed.... It was so relaxing for me. 

Come see some photos I have taken :

Walk into the room with this....can you feel it ? 

So comfy bed & pillows !!

Let's relax at the seating area

Bathroom is quite small but adequate

Another view of the room
So inviting !!!

Welcome fruits, consisted of the fresh local fruits 
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Turn Down Service with a stalk of rose on the bed 
Strawberries with choc dipping for nightcap 
Koi Ponds surrounding the hotel
That's the Japanese Restaurant

View from my Balcony early morning...with the misty mountain
Had my morning coffee the balcony. So nice ! 

The next few photos, I took from the Internet, but I vouched that they are like what it was at the hotel..... It was hard to take photos at the common areas, without bothering other guests.

We had pre-dinner drinks here....was all classic 

The Library , where I had to sit to get the Wifi ( no free wifi in the rooms ) 
And the view of the 02 stories resort.....

And now, I gladly, give my 02 cents thoughts or review on this hotel.
  1. First of all, I love this hotel..not just like, but love too.
  2. Service was exceptionally fantastic !!! Amazing. I guess, having only 50 odd rooms would give you more attentions. 
  3. Did I mention about Service ? Yes....good service
  4. Romantic and nice for honeymooners. 
  5. They also have spa village there, the same one like the YTL hotels 
  6. Not so friendly for kids, limited suites like 02 or 3 .
  7. Do have a small kids room with videos etc
  8. Nice F&B.
  9. Super duper expensive... minimum RM500 a night. 
  10. For Singles, you would just love the quietness for a good rest and read ???

Wow...I have given so much review on this hotel alone....but seriously, it is a very nice property, nice hotel, nice room, if you feel like having a restful weekend or few nights at the cooling Cameron Highlands, then, this is the hotel.

So there, I like...and I love this hotel, for you, you may just like it....or somehow, I find it hard for you to dislike........


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