Strawberry Park Hotel ~ Cameron Highlands Part II

Hi All,

As mentioned in previous posting, I will post up the hotels I have stayed recently at Cameron Highlands. Please mind any dates or times on the pictures as I didn't know how to set the camera :p 

So, we will start with Strawberry Park Resort.... this place is in between the towns, Tanah Rata ( where Starbucks is, also banks etc ) and Brinchang ( where the Pasar Malam / Night market is ) . First of all, you have to drive into the resort, meaning, its not by the road side, where you can just stroll out and walk down or up Cameron. Meaning, just walk around the resorts if you want...... 

They are apartments concept and the time I went there, was with my office mates, so we opted for 02 + 02 bedroom apartment called Shasta. Other apartments have been refurbished , the lead in categories, unfortunately, not for this category. So please bear with me on the decorations :p

Shasta has 04 rooms, Master bedroom comes with 1 King size bed and also en suite bathroom....the 2nd room comes with a queen size bed. 3rd room, a single bed and what happened then was that, they have since changed or converted the kitchenette into a single bedding room too !! Other 3 rooms have a common bathroom. So there you go, 04 rooms in the apartment but with a total of 06 occupants. 

Look at the pictures as below......again, I need to mention, they didn't renovate this category yet, others they have :- 

The apartment blocks


Living hall...

2nd bedroom with Queen Size Bed
3rd & 4th Bedroom comes with Single Bed

Master Bedroom en-suite bathroom

We were there just for a night, wanted to try out the hotel...we had dinner there, a nice steamboat, and the breakfast was not bad....we opted to sit on the terrace , with the cool morning breeze.

Well, here comes my not so famous 02 cents worth of thoughts :- 
  1. First of all, it is a common knowledge that the resort is "dirty" . So be prepared. 
  2. It is very much a family concept resort, as they offer from a Studio Unit till 04 rooms unit...meaning if you have 5 kids, you can still put everyone in one unit !
  3. Honeymooners would like it here. You can be on your own, and just walk around....*sigh*
  4. Nice concept, low rise, walkabouts
  5. Can be pretty cheap during weekdays or non-peak season 
  6. The unit we stayed was pretty old, so a major reno is needed. 
  7. Still need a car to go either town, or to go anywhere ( like buy strawberries, vege etc ) 

Now basically that's all I should or rather just say. Please do not be scared with my thought #1. It is a common knowledge , but just pray as you go in the room, you should be fine. It is up to you , I quite like the resort, acceptable for me, but then again, you may like may don't :) 


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