Pulai Spring Resort , Johor Bahru

Hello folks,

Before I start travelling again next week, for 2 weeks, I feel that I should at least update all the hotels I have stayed this year....when I started this blog, I wanted to do a posting, after every hotel stay, but caught up with work, family blah blah blah blah.....

So, I went to this hotel on a job trip before, and even though I like the hotel when I first arrived, I left feeling very itchy....yes...I GOT THE BED BUGS !!!! It was so horrifying, kept scratching , at the hotel, in the transfer to the airport, on the plane and etc....I was so pissed off..... I must say it was an unfortunate incident. So happened that the bed / room I got was infected by bed bugs.....*sigh* 

Anyway, please have a look at the pictures is quite nice...honestly, could you less bugs, but honestly........

Btw, I stayed at the 2nd category, which is the 01 Bedroom Suite 

The Resort for the weekend
Comes with a kitchenette but no cooking

They should have more sofas, I felt.

One and only sofa.....
Separate bedroom which is small but acceptable,and you can see the living hall from here.

Huge toilet

They have a movie place at the clubhouse, across the hotel's block but within the same resort !
This is how the movie theatre looks like :)

Kids' playroom in the clubhouse itself
That has this scary looking tree ??
Nice looking library for some quietness
One of the pools at the club house
Changing Room for the pool ~ If you can read, the sign says No Female allowed :p

And this men allowed . :D :D :D

They do have a pool at the main hotel's complex...very nice looking as below :
The Pool at the Hotel itself

So apart from staying at the hotel and play Golf....I just had to go and look for the followings:

Drive like 8 minutes out of the resort to Tmn University, in front of the market, you would be able to eat the locals tea time favourite. Goreng Pisang and sambal kicap

If you go to Johor, you must eat Nasi Ambang ! Its rice with salted fish, fried long beans + tempe, some beef floss, curry chicken, fried noodles...all in one plate !

Healthy Deep Fried Spinach ???

 So I like this resort ? Well, what I can say and give my 02 cents worth of thoughts as below :

  1. Definitely the only resort there is in Johor Bahru that fits the word resort.
  2. There is another resort nearby the airport, but I would think twice
  3. Rooms are spacious, especially for domestic market 
  4. A bit far from the town, but then, that's the beauty of still get the quietness of a resort, but drive out 20 minutes, it is already the noisy city
  5. Could be full with Singaporeans especially during weekends
  6. Fit for all level of travellers, the MICE , for conventions, single travellers, golfers, family, honeymooners, serves all well
  7. Have a huge sports complex that can be used for hotel guests too
  8. The only thing that I don't really like is the service of the coffee house. While they really serve local food ( like salted fish with coconut to be eaten with glutinous rice i.e. pulut ) , the waitress / waitresses could be more attentive and since they do cater for the cheap charlie travel agent business, you may see that the quality is quite low in compare to the name they want to bring. 
  9. Don't come for breakfast early morning, do so after 8am, because the china groups they have from the travel agents would have their breakfasts early and you wouldn't like to be there....honestly. 
  10. Children would love this place........My children did :) 

Now, these are all my may like the place, or you may just don't.... but with the newly opened Legoland....perhaps you should give this hotel a try too.

Enjoy peeps !



Comments comments ?

Hello all, 

Do you know, from the thousands of visitors I get, my comments received have been less than 10 ??? 
Are you all satisfied with the postings ? If possible, I would like to know, what else do you want me to put in ? the rates ? more pictures ? facilities ? 

Would be great if you could just leave some words for me?



Pulai Desaru Beach Resort . Johor

How many of you have been to the State of Johor ? Ok, maybe now, a lot of tourist would come to Johor, first of all with the opening of the Premium Outlet ( something like Bicester, Portsmouth, Lugano ) and now with the Legoland opened up in Johor, more tourist would definitely be coming in. 

Anyway, for this posting, I shall talk about a resort, which is about 45 minutes away from Johor Bahru. Now with the opening of the new highway, from the airport, you could just zoom directly to the resort.

It is called Pulai Desaru Beach Resort, a resort that has 22km un-spoiled beach...but when I went there, I saw rocky beach and sea, so I am not sure if you can actually swim there.....

Let us see the pictures, then I will talk further on this resort :

Huge room, with tiles flooring. Good for resorts 
A little space for the mini bar area 
Separated washing area and bathing area

Walked in wardrobe, room so big, can add 2 EBs
Huge room and this is just a normal room
Not so nice chairs, but normally its good enough to hand your wet swimming gears

I love the colourful lighting's they have at the lobby 

In-door play room with air-conds

See ? 22km of unspoiled beach ?

Nice view from the room

Look at that gorgeous garden and pool

Remember I said about the rocky part ?

I love the big open space to run around !!

The Resort 

Gorgeous big pool

Children will love it !!!

So, what do I think of the resort...well, its going to be a long one here :
  1. A good resort if you just want to relax for say 3 nights....just relax, do beach thingy, pool thingy, play pool ( yes they have that ), go to the lounge at night, a good relaxing holiday 
  2. There are few things you can do nearby as a tourist, which I did,just to have a feel. I went to the Crocodile farm, the Fruit farm and also the Firefly tour at night. So you can actually be away from the city, stay for 3 nights, do a tour thingy on one of the days and then just relax........
  3. They also have a fairly good conference halls. With the destination far from city, you would be sure your attendees won't flee out shopping but would remain in the meetings / conferences :D :D :D
  4. Having said that, their own drug store is awesome for shopping.
  5. Rooms are big, you can actually put in 02 extra beds and the sofa is great too, So for locals like me, or domestic market, a family of say, 5 or 6, could still stay in the same room with the additional 02 extra beds and still has space ! 
  6. Huge and nice pool. Children would love it and there is also a Spa which is gorgeously by the pool / sea
  7. Great for honeymooners too. Very romantic , quiet, just to be together *bliss*
  8. Families would definitely love it here, could even do a family day 
  9. But I would only do maximum 3 nights, then I may get bored :p 
  10. During low season, the place would be too quiet for my liking. I like having a nice quiet beach holiday , but if there are only you and the other family, it could get scary, don't you think so ? :D

So, from the look of it, I kinda like the resort...yes, I do. In fact, my suggestion to them is to have a full board package, i.e. rates that come with meals too. Food at a hotel can be costly, I am sure you know. 

Anyway, the above are my 02 cents worth of thoughts......even though I like the place, you may like it too.....or you just may not !


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Thank you all....



Parkroyal Penang

I love going to Penang.....its a favourite local destination for my family. Reason being the drive is nice, using the North South Express Way, passing through few states, and you can visit other places too, especially for eating ! :p

Reasons we love Penang also for the fact that, its a glorious state for food !! We love the nasi kandar, and the Penang Char Kway Teow at the stalls nearby our hotel. The beach is nothing to shout about. Apart from being polluted by the machine operated water sports, normal ignorance of cleanliness is a norm :D :D :D 

So, whenever we go to Penang, which is an annual event, we would stay at Parkroyal, which is at Batu Feringghi. You see, there are a lot of other hotels along Feringghi, but the fact that this hotel has such a nice pool, and the rate is just nice, it beats the rest of the hotels. Yes, Hard Rock Penang has the longest pool in Penang, but you would have to drive to the night market or the food areas, something that we hate doing once we are parked at the hotel. Normally, we would be a minimum 4D/3N, we arrived Penang, have Nasi Kandar, go hotel, parked the car and the car would only be moved on the day of departure. I mean, that's why we go for holidays right ? We parked, have our breakfast at the hotel, lunch either by the pool or the stalls nearby and dinner at Feringghi night market, either the food court, or the restaurants along the road....and Parkroyal fits perfectly the logistic of our needs. 

Anyway, they have the yes and no too...let's have a look at the pictures :

This is our favourite room, pay extra ok ?

Not all room can fit extra bed and I need extra bed 

We like the big balcony, for us to hang around or simply to dry our clothes :P 

Room comes with a DVD player, fantastic for us to try the DVDs from the night market 

At the rates they are charging, they could at least , change the curtain ? 

The View from  our balcony...of the pool below 

Nice pool right ? with slide as well

I complained abt the apples....cheapos !

The hotel from the it is on the beach
The beach from the hotel's garden
I love the poolside, even though it is not that windy
These would be turned into an evening dining area , nice right ?
I just love the picture :D :D :D
And they have kids club !! Have games, books, activities for kids. Nice
Not that great, but I must hv this Nachos whenever we go there.
And my kids must have this RM20 per small tub of Baskin Robbins . Geeszzz... 20 bucks !!! 

So lets share my thought abt this hotel :
  1. First of all, its a 4 stars hotel for me, but a nice one
  2. Location is perfect, in Batu Feringghi, come out its the night market, nearby to food court, right on the beach, so everywhere can go by foot. 
  3. Rates are ok, during the not peak season, can go sky rocket too.....
  4. When they are full, they will open up the 1st level for breakfast area....let me tell you, the Que could be a killer. I have encountered some morons, left the table ( someone would be there to man the table ) then they disappeared and come back for more breakfast !! ) 
  5. Definitely for all market hotel. Business,Leisure, FIT, Single Traveller, Old People ( I have met numbers of times, old couple from all over, coming here over and over again ) 
  6. Rooms they are nothing extra-ordinary, but since we don't stay in the room during the day, we don't mind. 
  7. Oh, they have Spa as well, if u want the expensive hotel ones....
  8. Huge pool, 2 areas, so that the adults may not be suffocate with children screaming and jumping around :D :D :D 
  9. Meeting rooms for conventions, meetings 
  10. Ample parking space
  11. Front Office staffs are very nice
  12. Housekeeping staffs are very nice too.Helpful and courteous. 
  13. Coffee House staffs are very selective ( if you are white, then you are very lucky....or even if you are from the Middle East. ) 
  14. Also have lower rates rooms,but faces the hill :p 

In all, I actually like this hotel, I have stayed in other hotels along the Feringghi as well, let me post more on the hotels, but I feel that this hotel caters to my family needs most. 

Oh well, since the above are only my 2 cents worth of thoughts, you may like the hotel....or you may just not.......