Equatorial Cameron Highlands - Cameron Highlands Part III

Just before the Ramadhan, we decided to pop up Cameron Highlands for some vege shopping and this time around, we stayed at the EQ, which is at the peak of the highlands !!!! 

If you are coming from the highway, this would be the 1st hotel you would encounter...... and the only hotel with an indoor pool !! ( which we didn't go, of course ) .....let's see the pictures first :-

Everyone seems to be taking pictures at this spot :) 

Phone number for reservations and the rates

1628m above sea level, the highest peak at Cameron Highlands
Lead In Room

They refurbished the room but not the bathroom 

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Nice new beds

A king size & an extra bed for us :) 

View from our 13th Floor

Those low rise at their apartment blocks

All EQ Hotels have talcum powder as part of their toiletries 

See the blue thingy ? Its called Gayung in BM, meant as a bidet :p 

And that's the indoor pool....can u see it ?

A more closed up...

One would thought being in Cameron, they would have nicer flowers ? 

Common area at the Lobby for the fun activities 

Oh place...

Some arcade games

Things to keep your kids or adults entertained ? 

Huge lobby

Each game at RM4 !!! No joke...

Fusball ?

Look at this bear....what watch is he holding ? 

A Rolex ??? :D 

Now its time for my thoughts we go :

  1. Definitely a hotel for all....for honeymooners, for singles ( huh ? ) , for families and also for business conventions. 
  2. They have big function rooms for any conventions and lots of accommodation rooms
  3. Also they have the hotel block and also the apartments blocks consist of 01 and 02 bedroom apartments. Some are run by the owners, so you may be able to book the apartments directly too. 
  4. The hotel block rooms are tired, so when you want to book, make sure you ask for the newly refurbished rooms, which they have on few floors. 
  5. The apartments apparently are very tired, because they are being used by the domestic market. So wear and tear are very high. 
  6. Just outside the hotel, there is a Strawberry farm, so u can just walk out instead of driving out
  7. Also just outside the hotel, on the left , just a 3 minutes walk to the vegetables and fruits market. 
  8. However, to go to other places, you would need to drive !!!!

For me, I like the hotel too...for the simple reason that I can just walk to everywhere. But....if I want peace and serene, I will go to another hotel...that's the next hotel I will post about for Cameron Highlands. 

So then, as I said, I like the may like it too....but then again, you may not..... 


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