Pangkor Laut Resort (PLR) - Part 3

Gosh.... this is so long overdue....I have been busy for the past 03 weeks as the summer is coming up and a lot of things needed to be done.

So, here it is the Part 3 of my PLR, of my recent visit to the resort. This time around, we stayed at the Hill Villa.

When it is Hill Villa, means its either by the hill or on top of the hill, so this one, is somewhere there :p To go up to the hill villa, don't worry. There is an elevator to go up. Actually by the side, you would see a long stairs going up the hill, which my hubby said, if I have to walk up there, I would just pay for the lower category and be it.

Oh yes, Hill Villa is actually the 2nd category of the rooms. Everything is the same as the Garden Villa. Just that you would get this view from your balcony:

Other than that view from the balcony, you would have this view of your neighbours too :

The above is actually my balcony and the furthers is the next door's balcony. So in terms of privacy, unless you let go of the blinds, you would definitely be like sitting at a common lounge.
Then the picture below, is the other side of the balcony view where you would see the next villa's area. Because the other one is higher, so they can see you more than you can see them *wink*

However, the balcony area which I have been talking so much about, is not bad. I love spending the time reading outside here too when it gets too noisy at the common pool area ( which tend to be quite loud when you have rowdy people *ppffftttttt )

We also used the chairs below for our dining. Order room service and sit outside here....just nice. 

Picture above you can see the lounger for you to sun bath ....and you see the Cleopatra chair ? it felt so good just to lie down and read books.

Then lets go and see the room :). As you come in, you would see this....a stack of magazines...YTL produces some reading materials too....

In between the bathroom and the bedroom , there is actually a space where the wardrobe is and also the minibar and etc. Then as you turn to the right ( in my case, is to the right ), you would see the Bedroom and the way out to the Balcony.

Some of the pictures they have in the Villas

The nice bed...really nice, I shall say.

And I love the part where it says " Welcome back " ....yes, I am back !

The view of the room from the can see the writing desk and a sofa on the left hand side....the TV is also there.

I like them giving this bag for you to use on the can just leave your LV, SF, Gucci and etc.... hahahahhaaha :)
This is the outdoor sunken bath....its very romantic for couples. But for outdoor bath, you have to request for the lower unit. You see the villa has 04 units for whole entire villa. So 02 down and 02 up. The upstairs unit would have a covered sunken bath.

Laze in the sunken bath and look up to this forest.....*sigh*

The lovely toiletries

The view from the bathroom area...long long way.

So , this is the final posting, for the meantime about PLR. Unless if I go again, which I would love to go again with Hubby, I would go for a different room category so that I can post it all.

My final conclusion of this resort, this is a gorgeous resort for honeymooners, a short weekend gateway for couples ( short as the F&B are quite costly ) and for loners who just want to be alone. Not so child friendly, am not sure what can my children do definitely just for you and you :)

Oh well, this is again, my thoughts of this resort, from both stays I did this year.....I have friends who don't like it, so maybe you would, then maybe you won't.......


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