Casa Del Rio , Melaka

One weekend, we decided to hit the historical city in Malaysia, which is Melaka. If you know the history of Malaysia ( then was Malaya ) the invasion of the Portuguese, British and etc, started off from Malacca / Melaka.

So off we went to check out the latest hotel in the city, which is Casa Del Rio. Situated just few minutes walk from the "red colour buildings" in the Melaka town and also on the next road to the famous Jonker street, in terms of location, it is nice. It is also next to the Malacca river, so you can see the river from your room, if you are into all these things :)

Bad of me for not remembering what is this place called. But, one thing I remembered , this place is a NON SMOKING ZONE. Good huh ? a non-smoking tourist zone.
When we arrived at the hotel, we were given cold towels put on this tray : So we are home ??
So we got into the room and was given Hollywood twin bedding. Oh well.....but the bed was nice. I guess, the place is still new, so everything should still be good ? :)
Another view of the room. The upper deck is the bathroom and also the wardrobe area.
Just another view
The luggage / wardrobe area, just as you enter the room.
the bathtub open up to the bedroom area.
 a lot of hotels have this design since ages....I guess having an open bath is an attraction ?
The toiletries for the bathtub
 soap made out cinnamon stick...smells nice, then it will dissolve and be like a scrub ?
Soap in a dispenser...a cost saving for the hotel ;p
 and the next picture.....errr....for your own comment :)
 somehow the fan reminded me of another hotel....oh yeah...you can bring back the fan :)
 Some books at the corner....
 as Melaka is famous for its Baba & Nyonya heritage, Kebaya which is their costume, has been told out in this book.....just for your reading pleasure..and not to be "smuggled" out :)
 and one of the books, actually consisted of all the remotes !!! cool !
 Some old memoir of old ways....the 555 note book.
 I just thought they could actually print out the sticker name rather than cut and paste ?
 I like the welcome platter....Onde onde or Buah Melaka, another traditional Baba & Nyonya delicacies
 Hand made crafts which Melaka is also famous for
 Some designs on the wall to reflect the "Casa"
 A combination of Spanish ?
 We went for drinks at the lounge and they give tidbits in "Dimsum" Basket... creative.
The infinity pool on the 3rd floor....yes, the hotel is a low rise complex.
 this is the view of the Melaka river from the hotel. Your room could be facing here too.
 a long stretch river...no River Thames ok ?
 You could also see the other attractions of Melaka here.
 From the pool area, you would also overlook the lago or other rooms.
 this is the Lago....most of the rooms, the balcony would be facing the Lago, which is more pleasant i feel. The water below is not a swimming pool, ok ?

Anyway, this hotel is fairly new, a couple months old hotel. We had a bad experience here. You hardly read any negative comments from me about a hotel, right ? but since the experience encountered here was very bad, I have to say it here..... so what we went through ?
  1. the waiter tripped and split a tray of drinks over my husband and the water went into his bag and spoilt some stuffs like his bluetooth, the leather bag itself and etc. To make matter worse, none of the management apologized till i brought it up and what they do to clean up the mess, was to use a hair dryer and attempt to dry the bag, which didn't work. Oh well, you may say that is just an accident.
  2. at 8am in the morning, on a Sunday, they were doing refurbishment work. Drilling and knocking. Telling the front office staff was like telling my son to stop crying...oh god...was a horrible experience.
My conclusions for this hotel would be :
  1. Hotel's location is good. 
  2. Room space is good
  3. Decorations are nice 
  4. Service is bad

So again and again, this is my 02 cents worth of experience...you may face something better who knows, but if I were to go there again, I would go maybe 02 or 03 years down the road....when they are older. But then again, maybe you would like it or you may don't....just like me *wink*



  1. Masa pegi dulu hotel ni belum buka :-)

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    Happy Travels Everyone!