Pangkor Island Beach Resort

Ok, so first, please do not get confused with the hotel. Yes, it is the Pangkor Island, but a different island from where Pangkor Laut is. This is the main Island, called the Pangkor Island.

So we went there one weekend, trying to see another side of the Pangkor. I mean, I felt inlove with Pangkor Laut, so I am sure more of less, the place would be nice too ?

Now, same way to drive up from Kuala Lumpur. Exit either at Bidor or Gopeng, heading to Sitiawan / Lumut. They would have the Sales Office there for you to register and take the Boat transfer. Now, if you are used to Pangkor Laut's speed boat, this is a different one all together. After all, the rates are also much different from Pangkor Laut Resort.

Lets see some photos here :

The room as we go in....yes, still box TV

Working table

Its Hollywood son figuring out the bed :)

Sofa by the window to look out.....

From my room, you can see other blocks. So this is how the blocks look like.

and my room was sea facing

Seating area at the Balcony....please don't leave any food here....I would show you later why.

Sufficient supplies

Not many channels though

Big swimming pool

03 levels high, so just nice, very resort feeling

yes, very close to the beach....and at this side, this is the only resort

They also have some villas which is further away from the main block of hotels

View of the hotel from the sea

Yes, we do have some friends crawling around

Nice sunset, yes ?

Remember when I said, don't leave food at the balcony ?

This dude somehow took the fruits from next door room and walked over to our side

That's how close this dude was to us.

Anyway, not much I can say of this hotel.....I was actually afraid of the monkeys ! They do have a lot there. I was just relaxing by the beach, and I had a pack of Oreos for my son in my bag.....somehow, YES, SOMEHOW, the monkey knew it was there, and actually took it from my bag and ran away !!!!

I was also informed to ensure we don't leave any left overs from room service outside our doors, as the monkeys would also come. And some of these monkeys are smart that they can open up the room door. God ! it was hilarious when to think of it.

By nature, yes, the place is nice, nice sandy beach, but please beware do not come during Malaysian school holidays. The place would be pack !!

From the hotel, you can take a taxi to the main town of Pangkor to buy some dried items, dried anchovies, crackers, dried prawns and etc.... cheap and yummy.

Anyway, I know, I am so bias....but then, after I have stayed at Pangkor Laut Resort, any other resort in Pangkor would not be able to beat my love for Pangkor Laut Resort.

Oh yeah, if you ever come to this resort, please make sure you stay at the sea front . They do have some blocks as you come into the resort, and that's Garden view. Far from the swimming pool and far from the Main block. So pay a bit more to get the Seaview block.

And my 02 cents worth of thoughts.....

  1. Nice resort for a 2 nights stay
  2. If you are afraid of monkeys, give it a second thought
  3. Nice venue for a meeting gate away. At least, you have no where to go and can get full attention from your participants.
  4. Rooms need some refurbishments, especially the bathroom 
In total, I don't quite fancy this hotel....but at least, I have been once. While I don't mind going back again, I don't think my family would :p but don't take my words for it, for you may like may don't :)


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