Impiana Hotel , Ipoh

Ok, I don't really put up about myself in this blog...Oh No ! and taking the risk of the hotels coming after me when or if I ever say any bad comments ? woohooo ....No way Jose !

But, I will share some things about me, like, I am half Perakian. Well, my mom is Perakian. Perakian means, you are from Perak, a state in Malaysia, with the city called Ipoh. So, when ever we go back to visit relatives, for festive seasons, weddings, or just for eating galore, I would always stay at this hotel in Ipoh. Why ? oh well, maybe because the hotel has been there for ages ? I don't know, for as long as I can remember.

Anyway, over the years, the hotel did some refurbishments. I shall say it is not bad now, compare to those days when light blue has to be the theme for the bedspread, the curtains , the carpets, the tiles and etc #huhuhuhuhuhu

So , let's look at these pics first :

The Bed, which I am quite surprised, no duvet ?

Check out the carpet......oh well, at least , the colour could hide any stains or discolourations

King size bed

Ok, that is not me....but my bibik

They still kept the old furniture and just touched up

Not bad the brand chose for their toiletries

Yes, the pool. Please don't ask me, if it is naturally green or is it mouldy green. FYI, every time we went there, none of us ever swam :p

There is a horse race course behind the hotel. So on Sundays you could see some horses ?

Another view from the room. The Brown colour building is actually a shopping mall.

So, how do I fare this hotel ? Let me tell you , first of all, you would be sure that you will get experienced staffs. From the door man, who has seen better younger days and still there, from the Concierge who could be much more stronger before to carry our bags, but now maybe even stronger and respective other departments.

This is to me, is a very much Business, Corporate Hotel. What do you expect anyway ? Ipoh is not so much of a Tourist destination. So people utilising the hotels here are either on the way to North or South, or perhaps was home visiting their families.

Finalising my 02 cents worth of thoughts, here it goes :
  1. Yes, it is very much a corporate hotel, for MICE , or offices meetings and etc. 
  2. Of course, the rooms are very much affordable 
  3. Room size is very much acceptable
  4. Services has so far been good
  5. If you are in Ipoh with kids , this is a very much acceptable hotel
Problem with me, I like being recognised. So it was rather sweet the bell men / concierge would remember us, remember me since i was single ? :p

So, any as I have said, you may like it and you may just don't.


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