Palma de Mallorca ...of what I like, part 1

My last posting was about the hotel that I have stayed in, let me bring you to the city of Palma, to see how beautiful the place is and what you can do for your holiday......

I am going to separate it to 02 is the food there :) then the other one of the nice places to go and etc.

Now food....being a Muslim, it is hard to find a restaurant with fully Halal status,  being Spanish, there would be a lot of "Jarmon" or " Pork " around....but we made do..... check out the places we went to when we were there.

when you go around...of course, you must eat the Spanish food...there are a lot of Tapas around, but you must eat Paella....ITS TOTALLY DIFFERENT from something you get out of Spain. What I had here was seafood Paella. The would ask if you want one portion or big portion. The one below is a one portion which I shared with hubby. How on earth can one eat the whole thing along ????
if you are a non-Muslim and want to try local Spanish home cook food, then you should go to the restaurant below. We were brought there as apparently its  FAMOUS LOCAL was pack that night, even though it was a Monday evening !!
Now the pictures below, came from a cafe that Hubby and I frequented A LOT when we were there.....its right smack at the shopping area, and as you know, cafe there are mostly by the road side...and with the nice weather, it was nice just to sit and watch people....Hubby did quite a lot of sitting as to wait for me while I shopped :p

The cafe's name is Caffe Vergnano 1882 , with the address : 
Passeig de Born des Molinar, 27, 07006 Palma.
Vegetarian Panini which tasted very good.
Tuna Sandwiches always taste nice when you are travelling.

And I love the Vegetable Panini....


then , we were wondering the city, we found some Kebab's you know, Indian / Middle East food, normally would make way into Europe and etc.....and we didn't manage to get any meat to eat, the following was a good deal !!

This place is behind Carrefour Porto Pi which is a shopping mall. So you can go there to shop, then off to the kebab shop behind.....
then while Hubby and I cruised on the motorbike, we found this shop !!!! I was so excited !! A malay restaurant ????

we thought it would be either a Malaysian or Indonesian restaurant with the Sambal name.....BUT it is a Thai restaurant ! owner is a German who loves the Thai food and he actually grew these in his garden.

and they serve these too !!!! Sambal Belachan, cut chilies and also chili flakes !!!
*hot* *hot* *hot*
nice fish cakes
vegetarian green curry 
( but doesn't look green, right ?)
 Thai ice-tea
 Nice jasmine white rice
 and yes.....the tom yum... quite dilute, but nice.

 so, we have done the Western , Cafe food, Thai Food, the Kebabs, the Spanish food, we found the Indian food !!! Remember in my earlier posting, I said the hotel's location is quite good being near to the food outlets ? one of the places is :

Few Indian Food along the road....but this one was great
Nice warm bread or Nan...dip with the sauces.....
Hot Lamb Briyani...good one when the weather was cool.

But of course, there are other restaurants if you want like below :
For those who can't live without KFC :p

and Japanese Food too !!

So folks !!! If you are thinking of heading to Palma for the holidays, you sure won't starve as the food there was awesome !!!!

Pls wait for my next posting on the other things to do ( apart from eating ) at Palma


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