Palma de Mallorca ...of what I like, part 2

Apart from eating at Palma.....I did things like other tourist would do too...... how can I not right ? I mean, shopping is still a tourist thing ? :p

Please enjoy the photos I have here :

The shopping street at Palma.
Gorgeous isn't it ? I took this from the hill top.
I told you that Mallorca is an Island, right ? so look at the beach

Lots of boats at the Marina

Castle de Bellver, Palma

You can see the Cathedral from everywhere in Palma

A closer view of the Cathedral

Clear cool sea water

El Corte Ingles, main shopping departmental store in Spain

Do the sight-seeing on the Hop and Off !

Big brands are so NORM here !!!!

Gorgeous view again.....

The city centre.....

The Port

From another view, you could see the residential areas.,,,,

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