Hotel Mirador, Palma de Mallorca

Everyone likes to go to Spain....but where they always go would be Madrid, Barcelona, right ? I went to Spain recently....but I didn't even go to those cities !!! In fact, I went to an Island, which apparently the Brits like to go for their hols..... I went to Mallorca....or more specific , Palma de Mallorca.

It is a beautiful Island....the airport, is surprisingly BIG !! but empty ( or perhaps, when I arrived, the timing was weird ). If you read the Hello magazines, you would see quite a big number of Hollywood or European artistes would go there for their holidays.

Anyway, being in Spain, the shopping was great , obviously....Zara is like a normal shop, or even Massimo Dutti was cheap too.....Furla was cheap, everything was cheap ;p

Now, I don't even know about this place when I went there. Someone did the hotel booking for me, just needed my credit card details....and so we stayed at this hotel called, Hotel Mirador. From the website, it looks very nice, overseeing the Marina. I really really thought its next to the Marina....but in actual fact, its across the street from the Marina....all the hotels are !! But location is great. Easy access to everything and as Palma the city of Mallorca is not that huge, so, it was just perfect.

Rate was about 80nett per night incl of breakfast for 2. So, it was not bad....but unless you want chain hotels like Melia, they do have 02 in Palma ( or at least those that I have seen ) 

Now lets see some photos, shall we ? 

The hotel's building from accross the street.

 took this from the hotel...see ? it looks as though the hotel is just by the water, right ?
The hotel's logo.
our's a corner room and they don't have a king size bed or queen, just Hollywood twin bedding.
 another view of the room, its a like a suite, with the curtain in the middle separating the spaces.....both have TVs as well, one for the living hall and one for the room.
 a view of the marina / outside from our room
 the bathroom comes with a jacuzzi bath tub !!!
 no fancy soaps....
 now this is from the terrace above the breakfast place.
 roof top terrace for sun bathing or just hanging out.
below is the pool area....its indoor, so in the winter, you still could go for a dip.

 The pool is not that big or long...but still served its also has the bubble jet, where creates a Jacuzzi alike too :)
The Jacuzzi then walk up the stairs are the sauna room and the steam bath.

So, that's all I have photos for this hotel....I will though, put in the next posting, about things to do in Palma, some attractions, nice sight seeings and etc.... 02 cents worth of thoughts ? let's see :
1) the hotel or perhaps the location is very much more suitable for leisure or holiday makers....
2) BUT...the hotel has meeting rooms too. So maybe can combine both 
3) Location is great, beautiful marina just across, pubs, bars, Indian restaurants, Halal Kebab, all just within 3 to 10 minutes away from left and right.
4) Could walk from the main shopping area too 
5)They have a small room with a computer, for you to have free access to the I did facebooking there for free :)
6) The only thing bad I felt was that, the staffs could smile a bit more....quite feisty senoritas and senors they have at that hotel.

Oh well, in actual, not much negativity there right ? I can't compare with any other hotel as that was my first time in Palma...but perhaps it would give you a guideline should you wish to go there.....then you may like may just don't.

Please wait for my next posting about Palma ya ?



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