Shangri-La Rasa Ria, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Hello folks....

Life has been busy for me, gosh...I just can't wait for summer to be over....... Anyway, want to share with you , the hotel that I stayed at Sabah, the Shangri-La Rasa Ria. Shang has 02 properties in Kota Kinabalu (KK). I will blog the other hotel in another post.

Now, Rasa Ria is actually situated slightly outside the city...well, its not really far, per se, if you live in Kuala Lumpur, the hotel would be in say Subang, then if you live in Zone 1, London, the hotel would be in Zone 4, or maybe Greenwich....you get the drift ?

So , its about 30 minutes driving from the airport, depending on the traffic..oh yeah...KK has traffic jams too !!!!! and when I stayed, I said that this place is at the end of the world.

OK, lets go to the room. I stayed at the Deluxe Room ( apparently ) at the Garden Wing....the hotel has 02 wings, one is the Garden Wing and another one is the Ocean Wing.....yes, Ocean wing is the higher end rooms, with higher rates and nicer rooms etc etc etc. Those staying at Ocean Wing has extra perks too....they have another swimming pool !!! and get to use the common pool the one Garden Wing guests would be using. Ocean Wing guests also, would have to check in at the that wing.... oh well, anyway, at the end of the day, if you just want to stay at the resort, minus the extra pool , sharing the same beach, then just take the room at Garden Wing.

This room is a Deluxe room, facing the Garden....this hotel is kind of funny. They have few floors that if you look, they are actually , the facade is facing the sea, but because they have trees that blocking the view, it is called the Garden View and they charge you lower for that. Oh yes.....rooms with Ocean view , Sea View, Pool view, generally are higher in terms of rates.

As you enter......the view of the room
A seating area...which is like a split level ?
Remember I said about the Garden View ?? well, this is the view from my Balcony :)

And if you turn to the right, you would see more rooms where no trees would block their views and their rooms are called Deluxe Sea View :p
Lets go back again, you would see the whole room.....spacious I feel, the hotel has a child policy where you see the sofa / day bed kind of thingy below ? you could use it for your child....
then can add in 01 Extra Bed if you wish, but I feel it would be quite tight....unless rearrange the seating area, then add in one there. 
The beds are not exactly "Single Size" , so in actual Asian size....you may be able to share the bed wit 02 children below 12.
A sunset view from the pool area....
btw....the hotel has a policy that no smoking is allowed by the pool area unless at the BAR at the garden area.
 Ample lounger and nice beach there too....

By the way, the hotel has an Orang Utan Sanctuary just along the beach. They have timing for feedings, for petting and etc. So children would actually love it....I think it is only free for in-house guests but chargeable for outsiders. I am not sure, this, you would have to check.

Remember I told you how far this place is ? and the driving there is not the "oh so nice and pretty kind of view " driving....its dark, some part of the roads have no lighting , so if you plan to stay at Rasa Ria, plan to eat there too...yes, it's is kind of scary to drive out to town using that road. The locals would tell you that there used to be some Tribes' graveyard and etc etc etc *spooky*

BUT, yes minutes from the hotel, there is this Seafood Restaurant called "Salut" ..... fresh seafood that you can just pick and choose, so if you must go out, just go to Salut and back..... try these items below :
The prawns were juicy and succulent !! Fresh from the pond.
 I love these snails....eat with with the sweet and sour sauce. 
You can't get this in Peninsular Malaysia...don't know why.

So, my friends....... let me recap on Rasa Ria...it is a place if you want to rest and just do nothing, laze by the sea, the pool. I have met few Europeans that came back every year, just to have their chill out sessions. Not just Europeans, I saw Japanese, Koreans ( oh yes, I forgot....the resort is surrounded by a Golf Course too ) , enjoying the sun and the services.

Last but not least....my not so famous summary would be :
  1. Definitely a family / kids friendly place
  2. Could be pricey on certain months
  3. A nice place for honeymooners ( check out the Premier Room at the Ocean wing )

But then again, you may like it , or you just may don't......


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