Shangri-La Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


In the post before this, I have mentioned that there are 02 Shangri-La in Kota Kinabalu (KK), oh yeah, but there is another Shangri-La which, is not  Shangri-La but used the Shangri-La's name since donkey years ago....and of course, the hotel is also donkey years old and yours truly won't ever stay. But let me say here, that they are not affiliated any way at all with the Shangri-La..OK ?

So, the other actual Shangri-La hotel in Kota Kinabalu (KK), is called The Shangri-La Tanjung Aru or fondly called as STAR ( short abbreviation for S - Shangri-La , T - Tanjung - A - Aru, R - Resort ). This hotel, STAR is located just minutes away from the airport, so it is in the city itself as opposed to Rasa Ria, which I said, like the end of the world :p

Even though being near to the airport, you can't hardly hear any noise from the planes taking off or landing, even though you can see them, so you are definitely safe.

Now, again with the Shang in KK, this hotel has also 02 wings, one is the Tanjung Wing and another one is the Kinablu Wing. Tanjung Wing is the nicer ones with nicer rates of course ;p

We stayed at the Executive Seaview Suites, but I saw the Deluxe rooms which are equally nice and the sizes are great.  Even the rooms at the Kinabalu wing are acceptable in terms of sizes and view. Just that they have the mountain view, which if you like the greens, shouldn't be a problem , right ?

So lets see the Suite :

As you come in.... the living area.
I like hotels that anticipate that we may receive guests and actually have a bigger dining table, instead of putting a table for 02 ?
 Spacious living hall with ample seating for guests, if you are expecting.
 The other view of the room from the bedroom area. If you need another room for 2nd bedroom, there you can see the connecting door.
 The bedroom...with a King Size bed.
 Another view of the can see the door to the main living hall.
 Room comes with a easy to cook instant noodles in the cup :)
 Nice size bathroom...with separate shower stall and bath-tub
 I felt that this is fascinating !!! there is a note pad next to the WC...of course, there is a phone there, and just in case if you need to write notes while doing your business ? hahahahahahha
 A view from the room of the small golf course for putting ? or what do they call it ? 
 The same view but as the sun begin to sets down....
As the hotels are in blocks, so in between there's this garden where you can also walk around....
 That is the bar area where you could see a gorgeous sun set....very famous among the locals, but mind you....quite pricey .
 There is no actual beach at this hotel, so its the sea directly.
 a far away view of the Sunset Bar.
 The hotel has done up slides at the pool area... wooohooo !!! fun time !
 Pool area......
 This is actually man made beach...then you can see the other end is the Spa Area...
 Infinity pool...
 Kids would love the slides !!!
 A secluded Spa area...just for the serenity

I can't help but to load this pic....look at the prawns !!! The food came from the Dinner Buffet counter....So value the money !!!  I think I want to go back to the hotel :)

So....that's the hotel...what do you think ? which one is better ? Rasa Ria or STAR ? :)

OK, my 02 cents worth conclusion :
  1. It is soooo for both Corporate Business and Leisure Travel 
  2. Imagine, if the husband / father has a meeting there, the kids would be happy at the pool and the wife at the spa
  3. Location is also just right...not really into the city, but yet, still near to the city if you want to have a life in KK
  4. Price , yes, on higher side , but this is KK, most hotels are on higher side. 
  5. Yes, I love both the breakfast buffet and dinner buffet :) 

So my friends, go and try...I have given you 02 Shangri-La for KK. See if you would like it ......or not :p


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