Muslim Food in Hong Kong

OMG !!!! I don't remember being this hard to get Halal, clean, decent food when I went to Guangzhou, China. But somehow, god, it was rather hard to get in Hong Kong.

This is my first time with the kids to Hong Kong, so we had to feed them with rice, noodles along that line, you know ? If Hubby and I, we don't mind just eating bread the whole week we were there or east Sushi like what we have done before.

I have actually a list of the Muslim Restaurants but to find them was madness. We actually found this street called Sugar Street, nearby Sogo in Centrepoint, with loads of Indonesian restaurants which they claimed to be halal, but it just didn't feel "quite right" if you know what I mean.

Luckily we found 02 places that we frequented quite a bit when we were there.

One is on the Hong Kong Island, and is called :

The location is very easy. Go to Times Square. In front of Times square, there is a Sasa. From SaSa, walk towards the corner watch shop. Cross to the right then walk just like 10meter then you can see the signboard. Go into the grilled door, take the old fashion elevator to 1st floor. So in directly, it is the row of shops opposite Times Square.

It is parallel with the Tram rail.  This restaurant serves Indian food with Halal cert. Food was nice and tasty, even have value for money lunch buffet. Set dinners are also served. Best part, they do delivery services. So if you think you don't want to go all the way to Times Square, just call them up .

Second, we went to this another place.... to me, when ever there is a Mosque, meaning there would definitely be a Halal restaurant nearby. This is at Kowloon, at Tsim Sha Tsui.

The mosque....very beautiful.

OK, the restaurant is called Spice. Location would be next to Miramar Shopping Mall. So, any landmark would be, to go Miramar Shopping Mall and the place is just next to it. Its called Knutsford Terrace. They have pubs and bars there too. So, few choices as well. But of course, the halal one would be this. Located on the 2nd floor, it only open for lunch and dinner. For dinner it is open from 6pm onwards.

I suggest for you to make reservations first for dinner as they are very famous for their food. More pricey that the other restaurant but the place itself, is like a "happening" place after working hours.

Some of the meals we had over the period we went there. :
Pineapple fried rice

Lamb Briyani 

Very expensive Roti Canai or Roti Prata....HKD25 per piece.....

Crab which was expensive too, but my son has expensive taste :p

Fancy something local ? Morning glory or Kangkung in Hong Kong.... 

The full address for the restaurant.

and....they also have another restaurant, mainly Indian food at this address. I didn't go as didnt want more of food....but just FYI.

So, these are my 02 choices of Halal Restaurant in Hong Kong. Unless, you go to Stanley market which is quite far....then, in terms of locations, these 02 would be perfect to cater while you are in Hong Kong Island or Kowloon.

Happy eating !


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