Harbour Plaza North Point, Hong Kong.

We had a summer break recently....a hot one, but its OK, as it is Summer, so unless you want a cold summer, then head to Oz for the winter, isn't it ?

So, we went to Hong Kong.... mostly to get some shopping done and also to hit the Disneyland....oh well, nothing to shout about the Disneyland, maybe because I have been to the ones in States.

We decided, or rather, I decided to stay somewhere a bit out of the town....reason being, the rates would be more reasonable plus, you won't get those ruthless holiday crowds and more of corporate people. But I thought wrong. This hotel still has tourist as they wanted the branding.

We stayed on the Hong Kong Island.. the hotel is right in front a MTR station, which is the Quarry Bay.  From Central station, I think it is the 5th stop if I am not mistaken. It is at a residential area, opposite the hotel , there is a Welcome Supermarket, so can get your stuffs, then the small lane behind, there are 7-elevens and also McDonald's. So if you want a place to retreat at the end of the day, you would find peace over here.

and because I am what they call it as 02A+02C ( 02 adults and 02 children ) , I opted for their one bedroom suite / family room. It consists of 01 bedroom , living area, dining hall, a kitchenette .

As you come in, this is what you are going to see :

Further in....the working table on the left and the living hall.

Kitchenette on the left hand side as you come in.....thankful for the big fridge and microwave. They also have a stove, but meant for long stay guests. If you need the pots and pans and etc, you may ask from them directly. I think there is a certain charge for it.

The dining area....and cabinet. See on the right hand side ? that's also a can store your shoes there. In the room there is another chair and at the working table also another chair. So you can make up to be 04 chairs for a family of 04 .

Further to the right is the loo....small but adequate. No Bath tub but good shower.

Good of the hotel to actually provide things for 4 persons. Some hotels even knowing its for 4 persons, they still provide things meant for 02 persons only.

Then opposite the bathroom is the main bedroom. 

Just a queen size bed....and the room comes with its own TV too.

Other view of the room, from the master bedroom.

Remember the living hall ? the sofa is a Sofa Bed. So, its very easy isn't it ? for a family of 02 Adults and 02 Children ?

They also have a nice pool.

Both kids and adults' pool go up the pool area, you must climb these flights of steps !!! serious !!!!.... 

While some people may not like the hotel due to the area, which is further out....I find that it is OK for my family and I. First of all, its value for money, and the area is very safe. I am going to summary it as :
  1. Good for both  corporate and leisure travellers.
  2. Few categories of rooms to pick from 
  3. Adequate facilities as a hotel 
  4. Lobby may not look impressive but the service is good. 
  5. Location is safe especially for tourist
  6. Have supermarket, convenience store and McD , plus Starbucks 
  7. The only negative is for those who wants to be in Central may not like it, but then again, if you want to be in the hype and buzz of the city, do stay at Kowloon instead of Hong Kong Island. 
So there, yes, if I ever go Hong Kong again, with my family, this hotel would definitely be a choice. Oh well, this is is my 02 cents worth of experience, for you may like it, or you may don't :)


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