Boulevard Hotel, Mid Valley ,Kuala Lumpur

If you are a first timer to Kuala Lumpur, the Golden Triangle where KLCC is, or the Bukit Bintang Area, those are not the only places in Kuala Lumpur to shop .....KL has lots and lots of shopping malls ! This Mid Valley area itself, is being called as the " Mid Valley City " as it has 03 hotels, 1 service residences, 02 shopping malls, condos and numbers of office blocks ! So if you are earning those kind of bucks, it would be just awesome to live in the condo here, work at one of the office blocks here, do your groceries at Cold Storage here and shop, drink and etc here in the Mid Valley City.

So one weekend, we wanted to try, how would it feel to live here....they have 03 hotels as I have mentioned right ? and clever enough, its 03 different rating. 5, 4 and 3 star hotels....I opted to stay at the 4 star hotel.

Boulevard is at the northern area of the Mid Valley Shopping Mall. I like the concept where my room is all full glasses. Somehow, even though the place is right smack in the city , with such concept, it makes your room feels more lighter...brighter, you get what i mean ?

Anyway, lets start with my room....with my hubby and the 02 kids...we took the Studio Room. Its all corner room so the size is way bigger than their first 02 room categories.

The King Size bed that has that loonngggg pillow.

 Seating area ....but with OLD BOX TV :p
 Looks big huh ? but i forgot to take the study table area...or the walk in area. Sorry for the some pictures cutting.....don't want my children to get all the glams :)
 Somehow, i would prefer hotels that have less paper, less cluttering ?
Behind the MAICSA building, is where Robbinson !!!

 Opposite is the condo area.
 Rare sight of some greens in the city
Not bad for 4 star hotel...
 Even the bathroom is all glasses.
 Love the his and hers.
 Bath tub and shower stall..... of course.
The coffee house is also on the same level as the pool....if you see below, its on the left, then the nice pool ( don't have shades though ) then you could see the gym next to the pool. The green building is actually an office block....hmmm...didn't think the part where the office people would see you in your bathing suits....muuahahahhahahahaaaa

So, do I like this hotel ? well, there is nothing not to like....but you see, it is a hotel that able to cater to all purposes....I will summarize as below :
  1. It caters to both needs....corporate and leisure travellers. Most of the office people all over there have the option of 03 hotels
  2. The Leisure travellers would also be perfect. I mean, to shop and shop from the time the shop opens at 10am right till 10:30pm ?
  3. location is perfect as in shopping , food, they have cinemas there at the malls, pubs, clubs
  4. Hotel rooms have a lot of categories do cater to your needs. 
  5. Room rates are reasonable
  6. Family friendly too 
Yes, I like the hotel...I also like for the fact that they serve varieties of coffee at the breakfast some budget on Starbucks :)

Well, again and again...since I like it, you may like it or you may just don't.....



  1. Such a concept in my room all the glasses full. Somehow even though the place is right smack in the city, with this concept, it makes the room appear more lighter.

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  2. Hi Rider...

    yes, lighter and if you see from your window ( depending where your room is ) you could actually see some greens mot far away.......

  3. Boulevard hotel is a very nice hotel in this hotel available to the big shopping mall. It is in northern area of the Mid Valley Shopping Mall. I like this hotel because it is in full glass.

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