Hilton Kuching

One of the 5 stars hotels that they have in Kuching is The Hilton. 
If you are a brand cautious person, you may like The Hilton, 
BUT.... it may not be up to your expectation of a Hilton. 

You walk into a Hilton in US, the lobby or the feeling could be different. Even to walk into the one in Singapore is different. So please , do not think because it is a 5 star branding, that all Hiltons are the same. 

a view of The Hilton Kuching from another hotel in the city.

during this trip, I stayed in a Suite on the Executive Floor, however I looked at my friend's Guestroom, the room is OK, I mean acceptable with an acceptable size and facilities. 
However, just have a look at the room I stayed :

The view of the living room as you come into the room.  The room is big, its quite minimal in terms of furnishing but I kind of like it :) 

The bedroom. I love that big pillows you can see there. 
They have the big square pillows and the bed is nice and firm. 

For the Suite, the room has both, bath-tub and the standing shower. 

 The view of the living hall from the bedroom.

Since Hilton's location is quite great too, walking distance to everywhere, I have put up here some of the photos of the surrounding areas.

From my window, I could see the river, where the waterfront is. You may have seen this river, if you see the other posting of Grand Margherita Kuching. That hotel, is just by the river, but Hilton, just cross the main road.
 Just by the waterfront, it would be the main bazaar, where you can get souvenirs and some nick knacks of Sarawak.

The other side of the building, you can see another view of the city...and you can see the other hotel I have posted which is Pullman Kuching.

A huge complex of facilities, with 2 pools and a court. 

some of the activities at the river.....kind of cool
(but at times, the river could be smelly)

I took this picture from across the river, where in previous post, I mentioned that there are some local stalls and etc. But from here, you can also see The Hilton hotel. 

So, that's the Hilton in Kuching. They also have another Hilton property in Sarawak, but its a bit to far for me to go.

My thoughts on this hotel are :
  1. The front office staffs, from the door men, the receptionist , they were very nice ! Very polite and attentive, and that made you actually feel important. So good job in that sense.
  2. Great for families too. The facilities are great, esp with 2 pools, what a way to unwind your day after a hot day of touring Kuching and the surroundings
  3. Location wise, is great too. Short walk cross the street to the riverside, opposite there are 2 malls, bazaar just walking distance, easy access for food too 
  4. Great for corporate travellers too. I mean, we need to unwind after our meetings right ?

But don't have the high expectations of the Hilton, per se Hilton. But it is nice, to be able to say, when people ask you, where are you staying ? and your answer...
"The Hilton"


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