360 Urban Resort Hotel Kuching

The name is spetacular isn't it ? Which is which ? with 360 panoramic view or the urban location ? Anyway, yours truly went to check out this place.  You can see from the outside...the building looks huge !!! but...its only like 1 part of the building, the other tower.

The below part is supposedly a shopping mall, but then since the place is fairly new, the shops were like.........BUT, if you don' mind taking a taxi , there is the biggest shopping mall in Kuching called, The Spring .....anchor tenant is Parkson. Somehow, in Kuching, they have few Parksons.....

Anyway, back to the hotel, I saw the 02 bedroom apartments. Price wise, it is very reasonable...( I have learned not to say cheap :D ) . Space wise as well, it is very spacious. Apparently this place was supposed to be apartments for sale, however, the developer decided to convert into hotel apartments instead.....oh well, why not make more money, isn't it ? :)

Let's have a look at the room :
as you enter, you would see the living hall.
on the right hand side is the walk way to the bedrooms

 another view of the living hall, you can see kitchen on the right
 The kitchen is spacious too and best part, you can actual do the real cooking .Pots and pans, spoons, forks etc are all provided.
 Master Bedroom comes with a Queen Size bed.
 2nd bedroom comes with 2 Super Single beds....
which I like !! because, you can also put 2 kids sleeping on 1 bed
 Spacious room, however, no in room TV. 
TV is only at the living hall.
 Swimming pool facility.

In all, don't expect much from this hotel....the lobby is fairly small, bear in mind that this place was supposed to be a residential apartment. However, if you are travelling with families and need space or staying for a while, to explore Kuching and Sarawak, it would be good if you stay in a service apartment hotels like this. Taxis are available most of the time, just that you have to negotiate on the price. They DON'T use the meter.

In my 2 cents worth of thought , I feel that :
  1. Its a good family accommodation 
  2. Not for corporate or business traveller ( its not really in the town centre )
  3. Value for money 

So I always like to state, all these are just my thoughts, you may like the place, you may not like the place :)


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