Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching

Still in the Cat City....I went to stay at another hotel.....

This hotel was previously the Holiday Inn by the river, so I saw very much of Holiday Inn influence here. You can see it also from the pictures :

The green colour of Holiday Inn.

Longish room, but no extra bed allowed for this room due to limited space.

Pillow menu

The bed is typical Holiday Inn, with Super Single Bed for twin sharing. So if you have kids, it is easy to share even though you can't add in the extra bed.

I love the work desk....especially that Internet connection is FREE !!

The view of the riverside from the room.

Hotel is right smack in the city...it is just by the riverside, so you can just walk around the Kuching Waterfront, to either try the local food, or take the short boat trip across to the other side of the river. The other side of the river is the local village where you could get local foods from the food court there. Here also, you can purchase the Salted Fish , a very famous Sarawak delicacy, which is actually, nice. I have tried it twice and kind of like it... not too salty, which is just OK, if you are not familiar with salty food.

Then, if you walk along the waterfront, you will see the Bazaars along the road where you can get souvenir items. Shops mostly would close at 7pm or latest 8pm. So perhaps, you could do bits and pieces of shopping here, then walk over to the eateries for dinner.

Across is also a shopping mall. Nothing big and fancy, but at least, you can do a bit of therapy.... he..he..he... but then, the Bazaar alone is very fascinating that I, myself, spent like hundreds over there.

So basically the hotel, from my perspective , I would summarise as :
  1. Great for both , leisure and also the corporate travellers
  2. Location is also superb
  3. Room rates could be quite good depending on the seasonality 
  4. They also have bigger room but it is on the other block, which is quite old
  5. With the modern looking from Holiday Inn time, it did a lot to support the hotel's outlook 
  6. Kids would be fine here....there is after all a pool, a McD opposite the hotel and KFC at the side of the hotel. 
  7. Another thing, i should add....the Pizza here is NICE. Check out the menu.
but again and again, this is just me....who knows ? you may just like it or don't  :)


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