Hilton Kuala Lumpur

I have not posted much lately haven't I ? oh well, I have been away quite a lot lately, and plus work, I just didn't have the time.....but rest assured , I have lots of hotels to post up here.

So lets start the week with the hotel that Justin Bieber stayed while he was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia .

Yeeesss......The Hilton Kuala Lumpur.  Situated at the central of Kuala Lumpur ( that's why the place is called Kuala Lumpur Sentral ( in Malay Language ). This hotel, I feel is more for convenient as well. The Sentral station, you can get the ERL ( the fast train to airport ), then the city trains ( something like trams and undergrounds ), also the rail services ( trains to go other states ). 
So in all, if you stay here, access, i guess would be easy....but nothing that can be done walking distance .

This is a suite that I am posting here. This is the modern looking living hall. Now, Hilton KL is very much into modern outlook and feeling. So you may see odd looking chairs, colours, but well co-ordinated.

A little hallway to go to the master-bedroom. Creative designs. My kids love this part.

Hilton is known also for the square big pillows. You can see the pillows there, so plush and inviting *wink*

Most of the hotels have the open concept bathroom. So does Hilton. But rest assured that they do have sliding doors for privacy.

Remember the hallway just now, that is also where the workstation is.

A view of the sofa in the living hall from the hallway.

Along the hallway, the walk in wardrobe is also there. 

Sofa is comfy too.

A little dining area at the living hall.

A slide at the poolside

Now, since there are 2 hotels there ( Hilton and Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur ) , they share a long pool and a pool terrace on the 8th floor. So guests from both hotels would share the same facility, but its ok, as the pool is long enough.

The pool is also child friendly as they have wading pool for kids, then the rest are 4 feet , if I am not mistaken,  plus they have life guards.

Hilton KL also has a famous night club called the Zeta Bar. A bit on pricy range but you could see, the royalties, the famous artistes and also the wanabes :D . Restaurant wise, you don't have to worry as they have all sort of cuisines. BUT, if you are on a budget side, just walk down to the KL Sentral where you can get McD, KFC and the medium range restaurants too. Or just hop onto the Star Train, and go off straight to KLCC !

The hotel also has numbers of convention and meeting rooms, so naturally you would see a lot of corporate clients. A mixture of clientele I would say. But even for leisure travellers, you won't feel left out.

My summary of the hotel would be :
  1.  Nice hotel with well maintained facilities
  2. Catered to all, corporate guests, leisure guests, holiday makers
  3. Family with kids don't have to worry about hotel not accepting kids....even on the Club Floor Lounge, kids are welcome !
but again and again, this is just me....who knows ? you may just like it or don't  :)


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