Sheraton Langkawi

Langkawi has 99 Islands..... gosh ! I have only been to one.... the only one :p

Anyway, Langkawi is great actually, depending what you want to do....the place has beach, pool, booze , CHEAP booze, shopping yes and no...depending what you like ( they have tonnes of pots and pans, glassware and etc ) but seriously, let me tell you , the Booze is very cheap ....because, IT IS A TAX FREE ISLAND.

To drink a beer, is honestly, cheaper than a coke...BUT I am not telling you to go and drink beer, this is more to the westerners who drink...so isn't Langkawi a wonderful package ?

I have stayed in few hotels...but first, I would blog about Sheraton Langkawi. The hotel is located nearer to the airport. So it is not towards the town.

A synopsis of my personal view of this hotel. The hotel has no "real" beach, but they have a small man made beach, which is near to the gym and the seafood restaurant. So if you are basking around that area in your tiny 2 pieces, you may become a "show" , but if you don't mind, then its OK .

The hotel is chalet concept, but they do have a block of rooms, but that's facing the forest. So not very nice isn't it, since you are on an island ? no ? yes ? They have nice pools, huge, to make up with the lack of beach, they also have a nice lounge or pavilion kind should you want to drink in the evenings, enjoying the breeze. Apparently also, they used to be a happening joint for drinks and live band.

In terms of the chalet rooms, the size is BIG. You can see the pictures here...of what I had during my trip :)

This is their mascot....cute isn't it ? Leaving it on the bed like this :)
 Not bad, especially with the mouth wash. I like !
 Hotels are very fond to have this peak a boo bathroom...
 The view from the stairs coming down to the room.
 Ample space for extra bed, if you are lucky, maybe 02 extra bed ?
 The rest of the hotel room
 I LOVE THESE !!!!  
Imagine, Macarons and chocs, M&Ms and Jelly for the welcome platter ????

So in all, this hotel is great in terms of the physical and facilities, just that to get around, you need to call for the buggy. Depending on the "traffic" you may have to wait up to 10 minutes...but if you love the nature, then why don't just walk around.

I feel due to the size of the rooms, it is a great place for young families with the chalet has access to the gardens, kids can just run around ( careful of the slope though ) .

I don't have anything else to say about this hotel, as I think, being a Starwood hotel ( an International American chain ) , the service should be good.... *wink*

Oh well, again, this is just my 02 cents worth of thought.... you may have different opinion :)


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