Colmar Tropicale , Bukit Tinggi

OK, what shall I say about this place ?

This place has been there like ages !!! maybe like 10 over years ? but we have never , never been I was all excited about finally going.  Off we went for a weekend.

 This is one of the buildings where the accommodations are. They have few blocks , with different number of levels and accommodation types.

The so called "town area" of the Village... what you see is what you imagine a whole weekend here ? *wink*

We took a 2 bedroom apartment. The master bedroom with the en suite bathroom is on the lower floor. 

Quite spacious the main room.

The Master Bedroom's en suite bathroom.

 The TV at the living hall

This is the 2nd bedroom on the upper floor...strange that I thought normally, the 2nd bedroom would be 02 twin beds, but doesn't matter for me.

Downstairs look out from above....careful with young kids please.
So, what do you do at this place ? well, you can go to :

and yes, they actually have a swimming pool :) 

or the rabbits' farm

yes, you can see rabbits from birth

or you can just hang out at the living hall with junk food !!! 
we were so bored of this place, that my family wanted to go back home at 9pm !!! but well, we lasted the night and only went back the next day.

My conclusion for this place is that :
  1. Careful with the rooms that you may get. We changed room as the earlier room was very big, but very bad maintenance, where I don't think I would go barefoot even in the bedroom.
  2. A good place for someone just wanting to chill out, I mean, really chill out...since nothing to do, just read maybe, rest for a night 
  3. Families with kids may enjoy the rabbits' farm but at the centre court of the so called village also has arcades for kids to play. But mind could get pretty expensive since there is nothing much for them to do, but just play.
  4. My favourite and one conclusion is :  A GOOD DAY TRIP OUTING.

I must say that this is me...don't quote me and don't get me wrong.... you may just enjoy it :)


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