Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur

 A hotel which is totally in the city...the golden triangle where everything is just there...surrounded by office blocks, apartment blocks, shopping in terms of locations...definitely would be horrible traffic during peak hours ;p

If you don't really mind the view, you would bound to see constructions, or something going on in the next building or just by the street. But oh well....this is KL, so you would continue seeing all these ....

Not really sure if I like the room....but room size, is big for a KL City hotel.

Sometimes I pity hotels for kept printing all these, most of it would get spoilt by kids or just be threw away.

eerrrr.......BOX TV ???? in this era ????

But then of can see the Twin Towers from here..... if you appreciate it.

Look at the pool's pictures....gorgeous pool , I shall say....BUT there is no childrens' pool so parents please be careful as the water is quite deep.

when you walk around the hotel, on the main street, just be careful...but look at the picture below....the hotel is gorgeous at night, right? conclusion for this hotel would be :

  1. A great corporate / business travelling hotel, with a location right smack in the city
  2. A very corporate oriented
  3. Not so much for families
  4. Great breakfast buffet

I must say that this is me...don't quote me and don't get me wrong.... you may just enjoy it :)


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