Historical City of Malaysia ~ Melaka

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I am sure everyone in Malaysia knows Melaka. Melaka or the English spelling ( Malacca ) is famous with Singaporeans , as it is only 2+ hours driving down from Singapore. Melaka is also famous among Indonesians, for the Medical fact, Melaka has now an International Airport, mainly catering for the Indonesian small airlines.

For those coming from KL city centre, it would take about slightly more than 2 hours to get to Melaka town itself too. So you can see why people seems to think it is a great place to go for a short break of 1 or 2 nights. 

I grew up leaning about Melaka. You know, how Parameswara was sleeping under a tree, then that's how he decided to name Melaka as what it is , then about Princess Hang Li Poh that came to Melaka , then the Portuguese invasion etc etc.... oh well, I kind of like History when I was back in school.

Melaka has been given the UNESCO Award for its history. So yes, it is an international acclaimed city. Now, in the town centre itself, the state government has declared it as a non-smoking area. Cool ya ?

A lot of people, mostly locals go to Melaka for the food feast ! If you can eat pork, then you would even like it there. Asam Pedas is a local favourite, Chicken Rice Ball is another one.....then when you walk at the Jonker Street night market, you would see hand crafts or little things that for sure would make you buy. 

Along the streets, you would see old colonial buildings, owned by the Chinese Baba & Nyonya. You would see they still keep the old elements, but what I like is to see the karaoke places, where the oldies, would spend time there singing their hearts when you walk along , for sure you would stop and listen....or even, you could see the ladies, doing the line dancing or "poco-poco" . So for sure it would be an entertaining walk.

End of the street, you would see Chinese Opera show. It is cool, but please bear in mind, a walk at night, is still hot !!!

Then if you stay at hotels further away, yes, you can go on the trishaw or "beca". They would ask you for RM15 to RM30 depending on the locations. But you can nego , of course.

Anyway, I have blog before about Casa Del Rio, Melaka in my earlier posting.  I will post another hotel, which I have stayed recently in my next posting. 

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