Pulai Desaru Beach Resort . Johor

How many of you have been to the State of Johor ? Ok, maybe now, a lot of tourist would come to Johor, first of all with the opening of the Premium Outlet ( something like Bicester, Portsmouth, Lugano ) and now with the Legoland opened up in Johor, more tourist would definitely be coming in. 

Anyway, for this posting, I shall talk about a resort, which is about 45 minutes away from Johor Bahru. Now with the opening of the new highway, from the airport, you could just zoom directly to the resort.

It is called Pulai Desaru Beach Resort, a resort that has 22km un-spoiled beach...but when I went there, I saw rocky beach and sea, so I am not sure if you can actually swim there.....

Let us see the pictures, then I will talk further on this resort :

Huge room, with tiles flooring. Good for resorts 
A little space for the mini bar area 
Separated washing area and bathing area

Walked in wardrobe, room so big, can add 2 EBs
Huge room and this is just a normal room
Not so nice chairs, but normally its good enough to hand your wet swimming gears

I love the colourful lighting's they have at the lobby 

In-door play room with air-conds

See ? 22km of unspoiled beach ?

Nice view from the room

Look at that gorgeous garden and pool

Remember I said about the rocky part ?

I love the big open space to run around !!

The Resort 

Gorgeous big pool

Children will love it !!!

So, what do I think of the resort...well, its going to be a long one here :
  1. A good resort if you just want to relax for say 3 nights....just relax, do beach thingy, pool thingy, play pool ( yes they have that ), go to the lounge at night, a good relaxing holiday 
  2. There are few things you can do nearby as a tourist, which I did,just to have a feel. I went to the Crocodile farm, the Fruit farm and also the Firefly tour at night. So you can actually be away from the city, stay for 3 nights, do a tour thingy on one of the days and then just relax........
  3. They also have a fairly good conference halls. With the destination far from city, you would be sure your attendees won't flee out shopping but would remain in the meetings / conferences :D :D :D
  4. Having said that, their own drug store is awesome for shopping.
  5. Rooms are big, you can actually put in 02 extra beds and the sofa is great too, So for locals like me, or domestic market, a family of say, 5 or 6, could still stay in the same room with the additional 02 extra beds and still has space ! 
  6. Huge and nice pool. Children would love it and there is also a Spa which is gorgeously by the pool / sea
  7. Great for honeymooners too. Very romantic , quiet, just to be together *bliss*
  8. Families would definitely love it here, could even do a family day 
  9. But I would only do maximum 3 nights, then I may get bored :p 
  10. During low season, the place would be too quiet for my liking. I like having a nice quiet beach holiday , but if there are only you and the other family, it could get scary, don't you think so ? :D

So, from the look of it, I kinda like the resort...yes, I do. In fact, my suggestion to them is to have a full board package, i.e. rates that come with meals too. Food at a hotel can be costly, I am sure you know. 

Anyway, the above are my 02 cents worth of thoughts......even though I like the place, you may like it too.....or you just may not !



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